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OVERLAND, 2016, super 8, 22min, colour and black+white, soundtrack

Structured in three parts, Overland evokes an enigmatic landscape of forms, substances, creatures and memory through a hand-edited super8 colour collage of personal material shot over one year..

A fragment of memory is briefly evoked. The memory of a boat journey, of traveling as a child.
The child is born into the universe in a flurry of images which constantly shift between modes of chromatic reality.
The substances of the earth and it's elements circulate and accumulate in material fluctuation.
The flora and fauna give way to the human. The glimpses of lives as portrait - the concrete, the societal, the ritual of the everyday - a short series of episodic documents.
This moment again gives rise to other realities. Signs, symbols, silence and stillness animated through the uncertainty of image.
In intervals of darkness, light is shed as flashes of remembrance, traces of something long ago.
A series of follies appear as history.


The three parts of the film can also be shown as separate pieces:

Overland (part one) 7min
Overland (conversations) 9min
Overland (collages) 6min

. . . . . . .


2017 ULTRAcinema 2017, Puebla, Mexico*
2017 Fracto festival, Berlin*
2017 Process Experimental Film Festival, Riga, Latvia*
2017 NE555, Kinodromo, Bologna
2017 Nocturnal Reflections, Macao, Milan
2017 Underneath the Floorboards, Hackney Attic, London*
2016 Directors Lounge, Z-Bar, Berlin
2016 Grass Harp, Berlin
2016 Sound Projections, with Sylvia Schedelbauer & J. Surak, Spektrum Berlin
2016 [auslands-filme], Ausland, Berlin

*indicates part one only