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we all live in the blue image forever, 2007/2016/ongoing, super8, colour, live sound

A collage of half forgotton sub-truths of found and rediscovered footage and scraps which are continuously added to over time, complete with hand painted and scratched sections. Mommentary flashes and collisions awaken us us to an abstract memoristic language. Named after a line in William Burroughs’ The Soft Machine.
The inability to deal with the idea of past / a reflection on the painted image.

sometimes shown with a live tape soundtrack and at various speeds

2017 Idiosyncratics label night (audiovisual performance), Cafe Central, Brussels
2017 NE555, Kinodromo, Bologna
2017 Nocturnal Reflections (solo screening), Macao, Milan
2017 Metronomics, Another Vacant Space, Berlin
2016 Overland - an Overview, (as part of a children’s workshop visit) Grass Harp, Berlin