James Edmonds

1983, UK






Exhibitions / Screenings



ULTRAcinema 2017, Puebla, Mexico

Idiosyncratics label night (audiovisual performance), Cafe Central, Brussels

Âge d’Or Festival, CINEMATEK, Brussels

11472CTY (solo with Petra Graf), 3 137, Athens

Fracto festival, ACUD macht neu, Berlin

Process Experimental Film Festival, Riga, Latvia

NE555, Kinodromo, Bologna

Nocturnal Reflections (solo screening), Macao, Milan

Metronomics, Another Vacant Space, Berlin

Autogestión (as part of MuseumMAN), Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona

Underneath the Floorboards, Hackney Attic, London



The Material Question, (solo presentation) Directors Lounge, Z-Bar, Berlin

Overland - an Overview, (solo presentation/ edition launch) Grass Harp, Berlin

Sound Projections, film performance with live soundtrack, with Sylvia Schedelbauer & J. Surak, Spektrum Berlin

[auslands-filme], (solo presentation) Ausland, Berlin

Light Movement 11, Spektrum, Berlin



Another Vacant Space at Summa Contemporary, Madrid

Idiosyncratics label night (audiovisual performance), Cafe Central, Brussels

Fronteira International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival, Goiânia, Goiás, Brasil

Overland Collages, film performance with live soundtrack, with Esel Durch Wiederholung, eXperimontag, Mme Claude, Berlin

The Temenos Screening, Kino Xenix, Zurich



It Narratives: The Movement of Objects as Information (for David Horvitz), Franklin Street Works, Stamford CT, USA

Vom Anhalten des Verschwindens, Lamspringer September, Lamspringe, Germany

The Marble Publicist (with Daniel Kupferberg), Superposition, Lehrter Siebzehn, Berlin

The Silence of a Movement, curated by Susanne Neubauer and HBK Braunschweig. Another Vacant Space, Berlin

kino serie #3: 48 Fragments (solo presentation curated by Adam Nankervis), Another Vacant Space, Berlin



Dumbo Glow - Winter Videos in The Triangle, Curated by Leo Kuelbs and John Ensor Parker, New York

The Cuttıng Room, Nottingham Playhouse, Nottingham, UK

Material Cinema (Blue), film performance with live soundtrack, Salon Bruit in Tiefgrund, Berlin

Material Cinema, (solo exhibition/film performance, live sound), Echo Buecher, Berlin

<<ANTENNAE>> (within exhibition of Daniel Kupferberg) Another Vacant Space, Berlin



Light Movement Music, film performance with live soundtrack, Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben e.V, Berlin

Compounds of a Prism, Another Vacant Space, Berlin



Freitag Kino 4, august 20th, tamtamart, Berlin

Leistungsschau, Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, 10. bis 30. Juni, Berlin

Black Stars on a White Sky, 28th april-1st may 2011, Another Vacant Space, Berlin

grand officiallee opening of "................" / Opacity Materials (solo presentations/film screenings), wflctn at Artport, Berlin


Accidents/incidents and unpredicted events, Kinosaal in K77, Berlin

But what about the noise of crumpling paper..., wflctn at Artport, Berlin

Temporary Roots, (solo presentation) tamtamart, Berlin

File #1, an exhibition by St. & St., The Foundry, London

Glow, Z-Bar, Berlin


Inside Outside, film performance with live soundtrack, 113 Dalson Lane, London

Films Without Music (curated), Staalplaat Working Space, Berlin

A Spires Embers (Museum MAN), Eidos Foundation/Gogolfest, Mystetskyi Arsenal Lavra, Kiev

Should The World Break In (MuseumMAN) Bereznitsky Gallery, Kiev

Reliquaries of Empires Dust (MuseumMAN) Bereznitsky Gallery, Berlin

Mobile, Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich UK


Live Sound and Super8 Films (audiovisual performance) with Lara Schroder, Electronic Church, Berlin

Oil Rig Catering, The Permanent Gallery, Brighton (as part of Oil Rig Catering tour)


Art in the Age of New Technologies, ACCEA, Armenia

Progart, University of Brighton, Brighton UK


Music performances at various locations between 2006 and 2013






Light Movement, monthly film series in Berlin, 2015-present ( light-movement.blogspot.de )

Light Movement Amsterdam - as part of Alanna Lawley Residency, Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn, Amsterdam, 2017

Light Movement Athens - as part of 11472CTY (with Petra Graf), 3 137, Athens, 2017

We Need These Images, James Harrison, Richard Forbes-Hamilton, Alex Crocker, wflctn at Artport, Berlin, 2011

But what about the noise of crumpling paper..., wflctn at Artport, Berlin, 2010

Films Without Music, Staalplaat Working Space, Berlin, 2009






Shipments of Time: some fragments for Jeannette, Jeannette Muñoz. The landscape as a sea, Revista Lumiere, 2017

To Stan Brakhage, la furia umana 27, 2015





Overland (An Overview), edition box, Grass Harp 2016

The Silence of a Movement catalogue, Susanne Neubauer and HBK Braunschweig, 2014

The End Is The Beginning catalogue/CD, Sleep Disorders, 2013

Wafflecotton, personal imprint for music releases ( wafflecotton.blogspot.de ) 2006-2013

various other audio releases since 2005






Movement and Stillness, L’emergere del possibile, Francesca Rusalen & Francesco Cazzin 2017 (Ital.)

Overland, L’emergere del possibile, Francesca Rusalen & Francesco Cazzin 2017 (Ital.)

Chaos Versus Frame, la furia umana 28, Toni D’Angela 2016 (Eng.)

Lo splendore del mondo, o la politica della bellezza, la furia umana 26, Toni D’Angela 2015 (Ital.)






A Return, 2017 (in progress) 16mm, silent

Overland, 2016, super 8, 22min, colour and black+white, sound

Movement and Stillness, 2014/2015, super 8, 10min, colour, silent

Sternwarten der Welt/Sun Documents, 2011, super 8, colour, soundtrack

Inside/Outside, 2008/2015, super 8, 7min, colour, soundtrack

Fragments/Structures, 2007/2015, super 8, 6min, colour, silent/soundtrack

Fleeting Landscape, 2006/07, super 8, variable durations, colour, silent

After Hours, 2005, super-8 transferred to SD, 07’18”, colour, sound






Overland (An Overview), C90 cassette (as part of edition box), Grass Harp, 2016

A Meditation, A Film, A Fortune, C34 Cassette, Midnight Circles, 2015

Test01 (mix C) included on The End Is The Beggining (compilation), CD, Sleep Disorders, 2013

The Uncarved Block, wafflecotton limited edition cdr, 2013

Notes from the World, wafflecotton, 2012

Nacht Licht, wafflecotton, 2011

Sun Materials, wafflecotton, 2010

Machine Threads, wafflecotton, 2010

Opening Boxes included on Berlin Tape Run (compilation), C40, Staaltape, 2010

Stammtisch, cdr, wafflecotton, 2008

31:44 (with Richard Scott), cdr, wafflecotton, 2008

Necktar 2017, online compilation, 2008

Night Journey, web release, Four Directional Doubt, France, 2008

Last Dregs, web release, Idiosyncratics Records, Belgium, 2008

A Material Process, cdr, wafflecotton, 2007

Wood & Concrete, cdr, Heretic Records, Italy, 2007

Turntable Addaptions 1, cdr, wafflecotton, 2007

Nectar VI, online compilation, 2006

October, cdr, wafflecotton, 2006

Temporary Adjustments for Winter, cdr, wafflecotton, 2006

Almost Live, cdr, wafflecotton, 2006

Towards the Belly of a Fictional Machine, cdr, wafflecotton, 2006

An Introduction To..., self released cassette, 2005

In Search of a Sound: 4-Track Recordings, self released cdr, 2005

Leisure & Tourism, self released cdr, 2004