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After Hours

2005, super-8 transferred to SD, 07:18, colour, sound

Shooting on 8mm film and making field recordings on cassette tape, recorded patterns of light and sound become a low quality, dreamlike plane of stillness, silence and uncertainty, exploring the passing of time through the study of vacant institutional spaces. The transitory spaces of these mundane but haunting buildings become an obsolete reality of forgotten ideals, the filmstrip itself a receiver of these resonances.

"Since After Hours (2005) Edmonds intertwines the mobile and the immobile, the internal and the external. In this work an office building is almost like a moving film: the lights from the windows shine in the night as if they were film perforations sliding. Handheld camera, panoramas, still lives and improvised rhythms. Night and day. Space is not just something we simply inhabit. A deserted building is like a film: it has a history that is revealed by the play of light and shadow on the various elements that compose this space."


2021 James Edmonds - An Imprint onto the Medium (solo program), (S8), A Coruña, Spain
2019 Inside/Outside (solo installation), Studio Im hochhaus, Berlin
2018 Cinema Parenthèse (solo screening), Greylight Projects, Brussels
2017 Nocturnal Reflections, Macao, Milan
2011 Freitag Kino 4, august 20th, tamtamart, Berlin
2006 live sound and super8 films, w. Airsick Antelope, Electronic Church, Berlin
2005 Art in the Age of New Technologies, ACCEA, Armenia
2005 Progart, University of Brighton, Brighton UK