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2021, 16mm, 8min, colour/b&w, sound

The little personal myths and structures we set up to aid the survival of the psyche in times of low harvest. Finding subtle points of reference in subject and camera movement, in the landscape, its details and the traditions of the season, I attempt to connect the outside with the embodied camera and the inward gesture of the brushmark.

"Distant places, stations, loved ones, natural interiors and exteriors, lights, shadows, paintings, colors, and compositions. A rich bouquet of motifs that Edmonds arranges into intuitive configurations of differences and similarities, and where emotions and memories fuse with a singular formal conception of cinema."
(Elena Duque, S8 Mostra Internacional de Cinema Periférico)

2021 Premiere TBA
2021 Eine Filmauswahl von James Edmonds (solo program), EXFF, Frankfurt, Germany
2021 James Edmonds - An Imprint onto the Medium (solo program), (S8), A Coruña, Spain