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2023, super8, 5min, colour, sound/silent*

My first visit to England after a gap of two years, it’s as if I’m discovering each subject for the first time. Objects picked up one by one. Every form seems to contain its dissolution, a premonition of loss. Holding on to the edge of a cloud, a hungry ghost throws its wishes to the sea.

*can also be shown without sound

"James Edmonds’ impressionistic diary film catalogs lyrical fragments, flashes of memory, and bursts of light and texture collected on a trip to the English countryside. A modest paean to fleeting sensation and the ephemerality of memory, Disappearances wistfully contends with the present on the precipice of its inevitable loss."
(NYFF 2023)


2023 Fracto, Experimental Film Encounter, Acud, Berlin
2023 Transient Visions, Spool Contemporary Art Space, Johnson City, NY, USA
2023 Currents NYFF, New York Film Festival, New York, USA
2023 Recent S8-Works / Frankfurt Forms, Städelschule, EXFF, Frankfurt, Germany