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Fleeting Landscape

2007/2016, 3 x super8, 3min/loop, colour, silent

An imaginary filmic landscape that uses fragments of the real world seen in flight, as the camera moves almost continuously and rapidly through various passages of transit. Certain structures recur as significant landmarks of this fiction -the repeating patterns of towers and masts seem to fade into one another like an unknown omnipresence.

The piece is sometimes shown as a triple projection in a specific space:
3 separate rolls of super8 (each a 15 meter unedited camera original.) on 3 projectors running simultaneously.
The 3 projeced images are aligned horizontally along the very bottom of a wall, to form a complete "widescreen" (3x4):3 landscape. The images should touch at the sides but not overlap. The bottom edges should stop just as they meet the floor.


2021 Deborah S. Phillips & James Edmonds, Desbordamientos, (S8), A Coruña, Spain
2019 Inside/Outside (solo film program as installation), Studio Im hochhaus, Berlin
2018 Cinema Parenthèse (solo screening), Greylight Projects, Brussels
2017 Nocturnal Reflections (solo screening), Macao, Milan
2016 Grass Harp, Berlin
2009 Reliquaries of Empires Dust (MuseumMAN) Bereznitsky Gallery, Berlin
2006 Electronic Church, Berlin