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2007/2015, super8, 6min @12fps, colour, sound

Brief vignettes of selected urban scenery are presented with intervals of blank space offering colourful impressionistic glimpses into small details of a costal town. The materials and detritus, people and architecture -fragments from everyday life, are collected through the ritualistic patterns of single-frame shooting, forming structures directly on the filmstrip as they are discovered, just as pebbles are collected on a walk across a beach.

music by Tea Petrol Plectrum


2022 Chapters And Remnants: The Films Of James Edmonds (solo program), Spectacle, NYC
2019 Fragments Past and Present (solo screening), Artsrping, Atelier Spitzmueller, Milchhof e.V, Berlin
2019 Inside/Outside (solo film program as installation), Studio Im hochhaus, Berlin
2018 Cinema Parenthèse (solo screening), Greylight Projects, Brussels
2017 Nocturnal Reflections (solo screening), Macao, Milan
2016 [auslands-filme] (solo screening), Ausland, Berlin
2009 Reliquaries of Empires Dust (MuseumMAN) Bereznitsky Gallery, Berlin
2009 Films Without Music, Staalplaat Working Space, Berlin