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2007/2015, super8, 6min @12fps, colour, sound

Brief vignettes of selected urban scenery are presented with intervals of blank space offering colourful impressionistic glimpses into small details of a costal town. The materials and detritus, people and architecture -fragments from everyday life, are collected through the ritualistic patterns of single-frame shooting, forming structures directly on the filmstrip as they are discovered, just as pebbles are collected on a walk across a beach.

music by Tea Petrol Plectrum


2022 Chapters And Remnants: The Films Of James Edmonds (solo program), Spectacle, NYC
2021 Eine Filmauswahl von James Edmonds (solo program), EXFF, Frankfurt, Germany
2019 Fragments Past and Present (solo screening), Artsrping, Milchhof e.V, Berlin
2019 Inside/Outside (solo film program as installation), Studio Im hochhaus, Berlin
2018 Cinema Parenthèse (solo screening), Greylight Projects, Brussels
2017 Nocturnal Reflections (solo screening), Macao, Milan
2016 [auslands-filme] (solo screening), Ausland, Berlin
2009 Reliquaries of Empires Dust (MuseumMAN) Bereznitsky Gallery, Berlin
2009 Films Without Music, Staalplaat Working Space, Berlin