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Inside Outside

2008/2015, super8, 6min, colour, soundtrack

A fictional architecture of interiors and exteriors made through intuitive observations with the lens. The juxtaposition of the two spaces act as both metaphor and experiential resonance for the inner and outer worlds of the self, as well as being a quietly autobiographical documentation of a life between two places.

"A constellation of internal and external forms, in a continuous return, moving from closed to open form, from one film to another." (TONI D'ANGELA)


2024 Convulsion / Eruption, Fondation Albor, Mataas Na Kahoy, Batangas, Philippines
2022 Chapters And Remnants: The Films Of James Edmonds, Spectacle, NYC
2021 Eine Filmauswahl von James Edmonds (solo program), EXFF, Frankfurt, Germany
2021 James Edmonds - An Imprint onto the Medium (solo program), (S8), A Coruña, Spain
2019 Fragments Past and Present (solo screening), Artsrping, Milchhof, Berlin
2019 Inside/Outside (solo film program as installation), Studio Im hochhaus, Berlin
2018 Cinema Parenthèse (solo screening), Greylight Projects, Brussels
2017 Fracto festival, Berlin
2017 NE555, Kinodromo (solo screening), Bologna
2017 Nocturnal Reflections (solo screening), Macao, Milan
2016 Directors Lounge (solo screening), Z-Bar, Berlin
2016 [auslands-filme] (solo screening), Ausland, Berlin
2015 Temenos screening, Kino Xenix, Zurich
2012 Light Movement Music (solo screening), Kunstfabrik am Flutgraben e.V, Berlin
2011 Black Stars on a White Sky, 28th april-1st may 2011, Another Vacant Space, Berlin
2010 Accidents/incidents and unpredicted events, Kinosaal in K77, Berlin
2010 Temporary Roots (solo exhibition/performance), tamtamart, Berlin
2009 as live performance, 113 Dalson Lane, London

note: This work was originally compiled as a basic sequence in 2009 and was re-edited into it's final form in 2015.