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Sternwarten der Welt

2011/2020/in progress, super8 / 2 x super8, colour/b&w, sound

Various thoughts and reflections about life at its points of juncture. Symbols, delusions, loves and despondencies, arising in a wave of the unknown.
A journey to find a half remembered man-made lake on the edge of a city. Shot on outdated reversal film, its images are awash with hues of translucent blue and green, white-outs and heavy indigo shadows. Appearances of a sun dial, an observatory, of other attempts to document the sun and the stars appear as symbols in a personal journey, along with animals and nature, leading the way ahead, to continue to doccument the light.


2023 Sternwarte Rehberge, (performance w.Petra Graf), Mondschau, Initiativ Parkcafe Rehberge, Volkspark Rehberge, Berlin
2021 Deborah S. Phillips & James Edmonds, Desbordamientos, (S8), A Coruña, Spain
2017 Nocturnal Reflections, Macao, Milan
2016 Directors Lounge, Z-Bar, Berlin
2016 Grass Harp Berlin
2014 kino serie #3: 48 Fragments, Another Vacant Space, Berlin