A Return

2018, 16mm, 6min, colour, sound

Movement and Stillness

2015, super8, 11min, colour, silent


2006-2007/2009, super8, colour, soundtrack

we all live in the blue image forever

2007-2018, 2 x super8, 6min 30sec colour, sound

Sternwarten der Welt / Sun Documents

2010-11/in progress, super8, colour, soundtrack

Fleeting Landscape

2007/2016, super8 in 3 parts, ca.3min/loop, colour, silent

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2016, super8, 22min, colour+b/w, soundtrack


2008/2015, super8, 6min, colour, soundtrack

After Hours 

2005, super8 transferred to SD, 07:18, colour, sound